Friday, May 14, 2010

Clinic at Fleet Feet Boulder

Yesterday I took part in a triathlon clinic at Fleet Feet Sports here in Boulder. It was geared towards beginner triathletes. With the RSVP list looking pretty small going into the night, we weren't sure if many people would turn up. But as 7pm rolled around, they started piling in. We had a packed house with over 25 people in attendance!

We talked about lots of things throughout the night, with how to set up a transition being one of those. I brought in my new Orbea Opal to help demonstrate where things go and give a few tips.

A big part of the evening was spent talking about the swim portion of the race. One key thing that I mentioned is to always bring two pairs of goggles, just in case one of them breaks. I always like to have a clear and shaded pair of Aquasphere goggles because you never know the brightness of the morning until you get there.

We also talked about wetsuits. For instance - its really nice to have a full body suit around here because the water is usually pretty cold. The crew over at Fleet Feet Sports rents wetsuits so that you can try one out before you buy it. I'm a big fan of the Aquashere Icon I'm holding up in the picture. It fits like a glove!

We finished off the night with a bunch of raffle prizes from two of my sponsors Timex and Powerbar and some other give aways from Fleet Feet and Skirt Sports. It was such a fun night and I was totally reminded of why I love doing this sport. I got to share a bunch of info and stories with everyone. Speaking of which, one of the stories I shared was...
To stay warm before the race, you can pee in your wetsuit. It sounds gross, but seriously everyone does it. It works! Before one race a few years back a friend, call him John (his real identity will remain hidden), and I were standing around in our wetsuits waiting to get in the water. Another buddy, call him Mike, came up and I introduced John to Mike. What I didn't know was that John had just pee'd in his wetsuit. As he extended his hand to shake with Mike, somehow all the pee in John's suit came squirting out from his suit from the wrist and it got all over Mike. I just about pee'd my wetsuit I was laughing so hard! Lesson from this: If you pee in your wetsuit, do it in the water because you never now what opening in your suit it will come out of!