Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Richmond Race Report

The XTERRA Atlantic Cup in Richmond, VA (new name, same venue) is the bomb diggity when it comes to fun races courses. Crazy swim in a river, sweet trails that are right downtown, and a run with several XTERRA style twists.

So here is my new fashion statement. I've determined that rolling the top of your suit into the bottoms to give yourself a "muffin top" is totally hot. I'm gonna do that all the time from now on. Not only that, but if wearing your swim cap and goggles while trying to put gloves on isn't cool, then I don't wanna be! It helped me shave a few seconds off of transition, which is a good thing because I lost a couple of minutes on the swim to the leaders.

I'm always impressed that Brightroom Photography finds a way to get shots on the lamest sections of the course. Look for the section that least represents what we are riding, and they are there. If I'm not mistaken, this is XTERRA and last time I checked that means we ride and run OFF road. Most of the pictures they shot for the day were on the only road section of the entire course.

I was really excited about the bike though because there was this one section where I did this one thing, that totally saved me like 3 seconds (you know what I'm talking about Conrad). I was so proud, that I shouted a big a WOOHOO, when I did it (even though no one was around to see my righteous move).

One of these days, after I learn how to swim fast, I will eventually have people to race with. I did 100% of the run by myself. Its kinda fun to be out there pushing yourself on your own, but at the same time I yearn for the challenge of racing my heart out in some head to head competition.
I did have a solid enough race to finish 9th, which earns some good points for the Pro Points Series. Staying top 10 in the series has been a goal of mine for a while and it looks like it'll happen this season!

Its Richmond! It wouldn't be complete without a quick trip to the med tent. Nothings serious, just a case of wussy-itous.

It was great to see my old college buddy Farleigh at the race. We used to be on the University of Colorado Triathlon Team. We reminisced about good old college times. Such as when we snuck 2 people into a Mexican resort in the trunk of a car.

Friday, June 19, 2009

XTERRA Northwest Cup Race Report and Video

After flying into Portland to put on several clinics and pre riding the XTERRA Portland course, Erin and I caught a ride with Justin Barnhart (assistant race director for XTERRA Portland) and Matt Berg (top age grouper) out to Idaho for the Northwest Cup. With 4 bikes, loads of stuff, several cups of coffee, and enough energy drinks to kill a horse we made quick work of the drive.

The venue for the race was Farragut State Park just north of Coeur d'Alene. The race director told us all about the kick ass trails there were around (like in the pic below), but then informed us that we wouldn't be riding any of them. Go figure...

Just being a spaz as usual

Saying that race prep for this one was a bit hectic is a total understatement! 3 days out from the race the course was set. 2 days the bike course changed. 1 day out the swim course changed. The day of the race, the run was changed. But it all got sorted out in the end and with a shot gun start (the race director actually used a shot gun to start the race), we dove into some rather chilly and EXTREMELY choppy water.

You can't win the race in the swim, but you sure as hell can lose it. The current and choppy conditions affected everyone, but definitely made more of a difference for the weak swimmers such as myself. I lost nearly 7.5 minutes to the leaders in 1500m! Ouch that is painful. Gotta work on that swim...

The bike was a hammer fest! With only one "climb" in the entire course and a total elevation gain of probably around 400 feet, most of the day was spent hammering in the big ring. I was pleased to post a bike split similar to the top guys, but its to bad I was minutes behind because of the swim.

I was excited to start the run because I had done most of the second lap of the bike by myself and was a bit lonely. As I rolled into T2, there were 2 other guys with me. I blazed through T2 and was hot on the heals of one of them. We flew along the lake at a good clip, but he was just to fast up the big climb in the middle section. I finished strong to cross the line in 11th

Cuts and bruises for Team Timex at this race!

Check out the race video!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

XTERRA South Central Preview

On my way back from the XTERRA Southeast Championship in Birmingham, AL Angela and I stopped in Little Rock to pre ride the bike course for the up coming XTERRA South Central Championship. It was a really fun, muddy, mesquito infested ride. Check it out below.

Bama Race Report

The XTERRA Southeast Championship in Birmingham, AL is definitely one of my favs on the XTERRA circuit. Our homestay Jerry is total hoot and the race venue is absolutely beautiful. All and all its a great race.

That's Jerry on the left

On to the race. My overall feel of the race was a bit of frustration. I have just been so far behind everyone out of the water, I am unable to compete with the top guys.

I had a decent swim (for me) sitting on Shonny Vanlandingham's feet almost the entire time. Danelle Kabush was on my feet to complete our nice little train. I tucked my uniform top into my shorts to give myself a nice muffin top look in the swim.

As usual I had to work my way through a load of age groupers on the bike. It slowed me up a little bit, but the big kicker was the fact that I rode about 2/3 of the bike completely by myself. After passing most of the top age groupers and pro women in the beginning single track, I did the climb and the rest of the course alone. It was really hard to push myself when there is no one around. I was psyched though to see that the photographers got some good shots of me on Blood Rock.

The run was similar to the bike in the fact that I hardly saw anyone. I cruised in to a 9th place finish, which has been my best placing so far this year. I was excited because that now ranks me 10th in the Pro Points Series. Now I have to work my butt off to keep that.