Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sprint Triathlon

This past Sunday Cabin and I raced in Contact Tri Series Triathlon in Kinloch. It was a scorching hot day with some sizzling times. This race was the sprint triathlon national championship, so there were loads of speedy dudes and dudettes.

I didn't have a fast race, but that's okay considering what training I've been doing this past week. Lots and lots of mountain biking (3+ hrs a day) and all of my run workouts have been over 1 hour. I just went out to have fun and since the race didn't really matter to me, that was easy.

I think I was the only one without a wetsuit, so when I came out of the water minutes down on the leaders, it wasn't a big surprise. My legs felt good on the ride as I cruised past loads of other races. The run was a little frustrating because my "top speed" wasn't very fast. I felt as though I could have continued on for a couple more miles at that pace, but going any faster just wasn't in the cards. I didn't have another gear to shift into and really start reeling people in. Guess that's what you get for only running long.

Cabin crushed the run and hammered his way up to 3rd overall!

With the combination of the heat and his blistering pace, he was pretty smashed right after the race. Wish I could have gone that hard!

Bevan Docherty was out to race today as well. For those of you who don't know, Bevan is a Olympic medalist (Silver in Athens, Bronze in Beijing) and it was really fun to watch him race. He absolutely blew away the elite men's field. To say that he dominated the bike would be an understatement. He put 1:30 on the pack in just 20km! Then he just "cruised" the run to win by a good margin. Fun to watch. He's getting married on the 27th. Congrats Bevan and Cheryl!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

45km Mountain Bike Race

The second N-Duro 45km mountain bike race took place on Sunday. The race didn't go so well for me (I'm not in very good shape), but I finished 11th just like I did in the first one. I was more concerned about having fun and hitting the one of a kind trails.

Getting ready to go out and get my ass kicked!

Lining up

Hi! Wish me luck!

Andrea and I went to the hot pools after the race to ease our achy backs. The set up was really cool because the further towards the river you went the cooler it got and the closer to the spring you went, the hotter it was. And the best part.... it was all free!

Sailing in the Bay of Plenty

On Saturday, Andrea invited me to go sailing with a bunch of her friends in the Bay of Plenty. The eight of us loaded up the boat with sun screen, snacks, and enough satisfying beverages to slap a well seasoned sailor silly!

The gang. Allen, Maggie, Jerri, Barry, Stephanie, Ian, Andrea, and me

Holy cow! Check it out! I love sailing and this boat had a pretty sweet setup

Setting sails across the seven seas (or something like that)

Making myself useful

When that wind hits the sails hard, the boat really leans. It was so fun getting my sea legs under me.

Working on my sun burn

The group out for a swim in jellyfish infested waters just before lunch

Them's some big sails!

And of course I had to finish up the day with more eating. A giant burger and fries really hit the spot after spending 10 hours out on the boat