Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photos from XTERRA World Champs

I've posted a bunch of pictures from my week in Maui for the XTERRA World Championship on Facebook. Check em out!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Gear of the TransRockies

During the TransRockies, my legs logged 113 miles, and I had to push myself mentally on many occasions. But it wasn't just my brain and body that kept me chugging along for 6 days in the Rocky Mountains. I had a lot of gear that made my journey possible and I don't want to even imagine what it would have been like without all of the following key products!

The Timex WS4

The WS4 (which stands for Wide Screen 4 function) was my closest partner (other than Toby) as I charged along the ever changing trails. It was great to have the option of checking altitude, temp, chrono, and direction (compass) all on the fly. It also has all the usual perks of a Timex - Indiglo, great chrono options, timer, and alarm. The over sized screen made it a breeze t read while running.

Timex was one of the official sponsors of the TransRockies Run, so everyone who did the race received a Timex Ironman Hi-Ti+ watch. It has an adjustable titanium band, so it pretty freaking stylish and still very functional.

The Sugoi Helium. This jacket is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Sugoi nailed it with this one! It is super, uber light weight, highly compressible, form fitting (even for a normal size person such as myself), wind proof, water resistant, very breathable, and pretty sleek looking. You can't ask for any more when it comes to a light weight running/cycling shell. It totally has my vote!

The Rudy Project Exyonx SX. My fav of all my Rudy's. Adjustable noise and ear pieces, along with interchangeable lenses, make these stylish glasses incredibly versatile. They fit my face well and don't block a lot of your view with bulky frames. Plus the angle on the lower part give them a sleek, sharp look.

The Avia Avi-Stoltz was co-designed by my good friend Conrad Stoltz ( They are a super kick a$$ off-road shoe. Great traction, not-to-stiff soul, light weight, durable, and breathable. I wore these for day 2, which included a monster climb (over 12,000ft) and a descent back down. They left me with happy feet :-)

The New Balance 790 is now my absolute favorite shoe. They are incredibly light weight and very minimalistic. Other than day 2, I ran every day in these shoes. Since they are basically a racing flat, they allow you to run as you should naturally, hence eliminating injuries caused by poor form. I hope they never stop making this exact shoe!

Salt Stick Tabs were not only a sponsor of the race, but an absolute necessity. With the dry climate and warm temperatures, it was really easy to get dehydrated. I would take a Salt Stick Cap before the race, one at each aid station, and a couple later in the day after the race. They provided the perfect amount of electrolytes. I forgot all of my non-race t-shirts, so Jonathan from Salt Stick hooked me up with something to wear in the afternoons.

Not being a fan of packs or heavy belts with bottles attached, I went with hand held hydration. A small bottle of sports drink in my left, and a full bottle of water in my right, made drinking a breeze. To hold my jacket, gloves, space blanket, and ID I used a small neoprene waist belt (also from Nathan). I didn't notice it at all when I was running. Toby went for the shoulder pack to store all his water and other required items.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Silly dog

Shelby's dog Bella does the funniest thing whenever you ask her a question

Tuesday, October 6, 2009